1-year-old girl is convinced Batman statue is her dad

Erik Millsap(STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich.) -- A 1-year-old girl thought she spotted her dad in the mall. Instead, it was a statue of Batman.

Melissa Millsap was taking her four kids back-to-school shopping at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, Michigan, but she couldn't understand why her 1-year-old daughter Layla kept yelling, "Da da!"

"I was trying to figure out what she was talking about," she told ABC News.

Millsap, 37, eventually discovered that her daughter was referring to the Batman statue, located inside the mall.

"It's funny because she's never seen Batman before. We don't have anything Batman in our house," she continued.

Millsap decided to take a video of her daughter yelling "Da da!" at Batman to send to her husband of 17 years, Erik. He thought it was hilarious.

"I was cracking up because the way she shot it was perfect," Erik Millsap, 39, told ABC News. "I was not expecting to see Batman at the end of the video. I was laughing."

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