Tractor versus Truck Accident in Madison County

A Truck and Tractor Accident has occured in Madison County off Holly Creek Road. Greg Osborne and Ricky Hix had just finished working on a food plot late in September off Holly Creek Church Road in Madison County. Osborne turned onto the roadway on his John Deere tractor and Hix was still at the gate when he heard a massive roar and crash about 100 yards away.
Osborne’s tractor had been hit by a 2002 Ford Super Duty truck driven by Duncan Patton.

Cory Clements, who is a volunteer fireman and arrived on the scene at last Tuesday’s wreck, said he’s seen respect for farmers on roads decline over the years. Farm vehicles generally travel at 18-to-25 miles per hour and can’t keep up with general traffic. But farmers often work land over vast areas and can’t avoid mixing with other traffic on occasion.
Clements and other farmers say they are met with a lot of impatience from local motorists, who pass at high rates of speed on curves and on hills.
The motorist, Patten faces citations for following to close and driving too fast for conditions.

Madison County Sheriff Michael Moore said that the Georgia State Patrol is investigating the accident. He stated motorists need to be on the lookout for farm equipment on Madison County roads.

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