"8Tracks" are back: Walker Hayes revisits early versions of his tunes

ABC/Image Group LA You can hear an early version of Walker Hayes’ first top ten hit, “You Broke Up with Me,” on his new digital re-release of two volumes titled 8Tracks.

The cleverly-named 8Tracks has very little to do with the popular audio format from the sixties and seventies. Instead, both of Walker’s albums are made up of eight tracks that were the original work tapes he recorded in his Music Row studio in Nashville nicknamed The Shack. Back in the summer of 2016, Walker gave them away for free to get noticed.

“We’re putting out the music that got me here,” he says. “I’ll never forget the way fans’ reactions made me feel when I first put these 8Tracks out. They are homemade and they are the foundation of who I am.”

Many of the songs eventually made it onto Walker’s full-length debut, boom. Here’s the complete rundown:

8Tracks Vol.1 (Good S***)
“You Broke Up with Me”
“Dollar Store”
“Mind Candy”
“Stay Sober”
“Beer in the Fridge”
“Bad Thing (Good S****)”

8Tracks Vol.2 (Break the Internet)
“Break the Internet”
“You’re Happy”
“Halloween” (featuring Nicolle Galyon)
“Face on My Money”
“The Comedian”
“Lela’s Stars”
“Your Girlfriend Does”

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