A LOCASH Halloween: Chris Lucas indulges his Spider-Man fantasies, while Preston Brust is ready to take your order

ABC/Image Group LA With five kids between them, the guys in LOCASH will definitely be doing some hardcore trick-or-treating Wednesday night.

Chris Lucas admits it's a great excuse to indulge in some of his favorite things.

"I'm like a super-nerd when it comes to comic books, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars..." he explains. "I've got the full-on gear. I have the helmets -- the real helmets, not the fake ones you get at a toy store. These are the real-deal helmets."

"So my son," he continues, "when he wants something, you know I'm going online in Japan and China and looking for the coolest that no one else is gonna have."

Chris's son Caden is eight, while his daughters Violet and Remi are one and two, respectively.

"He is Iron Spider-Man," Chris says of Caden. "It's not just the Spider-Man, but it's the latex everything... the whole suit. And I'm Venom. And it's the real latest Venom suit."

"And my girls are Elsa and Anna [from Frozen], they wanted to be Elsa and Anna this year," he adds.

Preston Brust's two-year-old, Love Lily, has already been masquerading as the star of a popular animated show on Disney Junior.

"I got her a Fancy Nancy outfit the other day, and she won't take it off," Preston tells ABC Radio. "She's wore it everyday this week. So she might be Fancy Nancy."

Preston and his wife Kristen have a pretty creative idea to involve their son Legend, who was just born back in August.

"My wife and I were talking about being Taco Bell workers and each of our kids... one could be a burrito and one could be nachos... We could all travel together like a little Taco Bell unit... Squad goals!" he laughs.

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