A visit with the "Coal Miner’s Daughter": Sissy Spacek talks about the possibility of working with Loretta Lynn again

CMTLoretta Lynn couldn't attend Wednesday night's CMT Artists of the Year gala to accept her Artist of a Lifetime honor, but her friend Sissy Spacek reminisced about the visit she'd had with the legend earlier in the day.

"She's so excited about tonight. She's so disappointed that she couldn't be here," the actress explained as she walked the red carpet. "She's fantastic. She looks great and I love her dearly and she's a treasure... a national treasure."

Sissy won the 1981 Best Actress Oscar for playing Loretta in Coal Miner's Daughter. She says she wouldn't hesitate to play her again, should someone decide to make her second autobiography into a movie.  In fact, Sissy says Loretta is anxious to do something together again.

"When I saw her today, she said, 'We've got to get together. You've got to come stay with me, and we're gonna write some songs. We're gonna go into the studio. We've got to get back on the stage.' I went, 'I'm in!'"

Sissy says the bond she shares with Loretta is simply inexplicable.

"It's meant everything... She cast me in the movie, first of all," she points out. "And we had instantaneous friendship. It was bizarre."

"She says, 'Sissy, we were twins in another life.' And I go, 'Okay, yeah, I get that.' You know, she helped me so much with the role. She opened her life to me, she opened her heart to me. We're god-sisters."

"It didn't have anything really to do with our professional careers," Sissy continues. "It was just, we're like girlfriends... like best friends. And we sit around and chew the fat... We just hang out... we just love each other."

Loretta continues to recover from a 2017 stroke, as well as a broken hip she suffered earlier this year.

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