"American Idol" judges Katy, Luke & Lionel say their chemistry is "magical"

ABC/Eric LiebowitzFans tuning into ABC's reboot of American Idol next year won't have to worry about the show getting bogged down with drama between the judges.  Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie say they all get along so well, they make have to start faking fights for ratings.

The judges recorded their first auditions on Tuesday, and backstage on ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday, Lionel called the chemistry between the three of them "so magical."  Katy added, "I mean, it just started yesterday, and...we feel already very comfortable with each other -- we're already making fun of each other!"

"I was amazed when we assessed some of the singers, I mean, we were kinda on the same page," Luke told ABC Radio. "We may have to fake some disagreements for the sake of TV!"

While all three judges are singer/songwriters and great live performers, both Luke and Katy admitted that Lionel brings something to the table that they just don't have.

"I bring...the stories," he explained. "At this time in my life, what do you do with all this knowledge?  You give it back! When I got the [invitation for American Idol], I kept thinking, 'I could write a book, I could do a documentary,' or I could stand in front of America and say, 'Lemme tell you about this story' and 'Lemme tell you about that story.'"

"It's a perfect combination," he adds.

"I love listening to Lionel's stories," gushes Katy. "Yesterday he referenced, in one setting, Prince and Michael (Lionel laughs) and then Whitney!  And I was like, 'Oh yeah, you did all that with them and you still are here to tell!'"

To which Lionel replied, "Hallelujah!"  

No word on when American Idol will premiere, other than some time next year.

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