Athens Orthopedic Clinic Continues to Struggle with Hacking incident

aocThe hacker who infiltrated Athens Orthopedic Clinic’s computer system and gained access to more than 200,000 patient records is being identified in published reports as “The Dark Overlord,” who claims to have broken into a number of healthcare databases and obtained millions of personal records.

At least some of those records, those reports say, were offered for sale on the so-called “dark web,” an internet network not indexed by search engines like Google, for payment via Bitcoin, a digital payment system that bypasses traditional banking institutions.

The records are valuable for the personal information they contain, which in the case of the Athens Orthopedic hack, according to a letter from the clinic to its current and former patients, includes names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birth dates, telephone numbers and, in some cases, diagnoses and medical histories. Much of that information can facilitate identity theft, leading to credit card fraud and other financial and personal difficulties for victims.

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