BBQ & country music: Brett Eldredge heads home to Illinois for the Windy City Smokeout this weekend

ABC/Image Group LA Brett Eldredge loves his home state so much, he even called his second album Illinois.

So it follows that the "Love Someone" singer is pretty excited about his gig in the Land of Lincoln this weekend.

"Windy City [Smokeout], I'm headlining that," Brett explains. "I started playing that a long time ago, and it started out pretty small and they were just building it. Now it's become this huge thing."

Brett admits he's a little obsessed with all things related to Chicago.

"Just playing in that city, I mean I could play there every week if somebody would let me," he smiles. "You know, I just love it so much. I know I come from Illinois, and it is my heart and soul."

"But there's something magic about that city, whether it's the fact that I love all the sports teams and love all the atmosphere and the environment and the culture and everything. I just love going there. So to be the headliner there for the second time -- and now it's become this huge thing -- is really special."

Brett is set to take the stage at the Windy City Smokeout on Saturday. Later this month, he returns to Chicago to lead a special edition of the CMA Songwriters Series at Joe's on Weed St. on July 24.

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