Big Money in Storytelling: Carrie Underwood Has Billboard’s #1 Country Tour of 2016 So Far

Arista NashvilleCarrie Underwood has country’s most successful tour of 2016 so far, according to Billboard. The American Idol winner made $29.9 million from the 40 dates on her Storyteller tour, enough to land at number 10 on the magazine’s Highest-Grossing Tours list.

The “Church Bells” hitmaker also has the distinction of being the only country artist on the ranking, though it’s worth pointing out that Garth Brooks doesn’t release his numbers. Carrie’s former country colleague Taylor Swift comes in at number 9 with $33.3 million for just a dozen shows. Bruce Springsteen lands at the top, making $135 million over his 45 dates.

Carrie sets out on the second leg of the Storyteller tour at the end of August.

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