Board of Education Meets names Connie Andrews Employee of the Month

connie-andrewsThe Elbert County Board of Education began the 2017 calendar year by electing Ben Baker as chairman once again and Teresa Barnett as vice chairman.

Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell proposed purchasing 270 Chromebook computers for the school system. According to Bell, 100 of the computers would be allotted to both the middle and elementary school, 50 to the primary school and 20 computers would be in reserve. The computers would also aid in online testing which, according to Bell, is 100 percent online this spring. Bell said the goal is for every student Pre-K through 12th grade to have access to a computer.

Bell said the vendor chosen would be ProLogic and the cost of the computers would cost $99,458. The recommendation by Bell received an unanimous vote. The system received bids from five different vendors.

Bell also announced plans to add another resource officer to the school system. Bell said Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews proposed moving Deputy Tammy Gilliard to a position at the middle school.

Gilliard has worked as a school resource officer for the Elbert County system in the past. Bell said he hoped to have Gilliard in place by the end of the month.

After reviewing over 300 surveys turned in by parents, teachers and staff, the board voted unanimously to finalize the dates for the upcoming school year. Three proposals were offered and Bell said the first choice was the overwhelming favorite. The 2017-18 school year will begin Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017 and end May 18, 2018.

Bell also announced Connie Andrews had been named Classified Employee of the Month for the school system. Andrews garnered high praise from both Bell and the high school.

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