BOE Approves Budget

The Elbert County Board of Education met on Monday night at the Education Offices Complex on Laurel Drive. Items on their agenda included a financial report from Ben Childs and a public hearing on the 2018 Budget.
Childs reported that the Board of Education had, as of the end of May 6.76 Million dollars on hand and was operating within the current 2017 Budget.

During the Public hearing there were no comments and the Board then approved the minutes from the last two meetings and went on to discuss the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget. The Fiscal Year tentative 2018 Budget is 34.6 Million Dollars. The General Fund portion of the Budget was reportedly up 6.98 percent with every Board Employee receiving a 2 percent raise. The Vote to approve the tentative 2018 budget was unanimous.

The Board also approved 4 personnel recommendations and School Superintendent Chuck Bell reported that the system had completed the “End of Pathway’s” Assessments and that 169 Students had taken the assessment with 115 students passing or 68 percent, up 8 percent from the previous year. The Board did move into a short executive session on personnel and then adjourned.

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