Bowman mayor wants to continue using 2017 budget through end of 2018

The Bowman City Council met Monday evening and voted unanimously to continue operating under last year’s budget. Mayor Mark Berryman said he favors a continuation of the 2017 budget for the remainder of this calendar year and delaying the implementation of a new budget until 2019.
The council also voted 4-1, with council member Tammy Dalton dissenting, to remove a white picket fence from around the old police department building across from the square to allow more space for vendors at town festivals and special events.
Council members approved an expenditure of $529 for meter management software and $300 for staff training to implement the city’s new utility billing system, by a 4-1 vote with council member Rachel Felice dissenting.
Bids of $2,000 for concrete repairs and $600 per month for cleaning Bowman’s Community Center and City Hall were approved unanimously, as was a proposal to add a second phone line at City Hall for $30 per month.
But the council voted 3-2 against a proposal to spend $300 to plant flowers under guidance from the Keep Elbert County Beautiful organization. Council member Carla Patten said it would be better to wait until the fall planting season to make that expenditure.

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