Brothers Osborne follows their "CMA Fest" dreams from the stage to the small screen


If you tune in Wednesday night for ABC's annual CMA Fest special, you'll literally be watching Brothers Osborne's dreams in motion.

TJ Osborne admits stepping on the main stage at Music City's Nissan Stadium was more than he and his brother John even dared to imagine.

"When we first came to Nashville, I mean, we had dreams of playing the Ryman," TJ recalls. "It seemed like, 'Oh, my God if we could ever play there." Then Bridgestone Arena, like 'That'll never happen, but I wish that would happen.'"

"And it never even crosses your mind," TJ continues. "Like, 'You're not playing at the stadium here, it's just not happening.' Now to circle around for our second time through, and to be playing here, it's wild. The feeling of it is not lost on us, even in the slightest. I've been looking forward to it, just getting out on the stage and strapping a guitar on. It's hard to really honestly put into words."

Brothers made their main stage debut at CMA Fest last year. Now, the CMA and ACM Vocal Duo of the Year hopes to inspire the folks watching at home.

"It's literally every kid's dream," TJ says, "even if you don't [eventually] become a musician, you just still dream of being on that stage. And we used to come to...CMA Fest...and we would see artists performing...and be like, 'God, I would just give anything to be in their shoes.' ...Hopefully, there are people out there that get the same feeling."

Brothers' latest top-30 hit, "Shoot Me Straight," is currently climbing the chart. Watch for their performance as the three-hour prime time CMA Fest special premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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