"Burning House" Hitmaker Cam Steps Onstage to Deliver Her First TED Talk

ABC/Image Group LA Cam is certainly no stranger to standing on stages in front of large audiences, but Friday in Reno, Nevada, the "Burning House" hitmaker will do something she’s never done before. She’ll be a featured speaker at the University of Nevada’s annual TEDx conference.

While this is her first time giving a TED Talk, the California native has long been a fan of the short, inspirational speeches that typically focus on technology, entertainment or design.

“I just love how it's a historic-type way of transmitting information,” Cam says, “but somehow it got rediscovered with YouTube, and now it's like a hip new way to share information. The sharing of information through storytelling is obviously what I've made a career out of, hopefully,” she laughs.

While we don’t know exactly what Cam’s topic will be, it’s a good bet it will include music, as well as one of her earlier passions.  “I started off in psychology and I feel like a lot of TED Talks have a psychological aspect to them. Maybe that's part of why I like it,” she ponders.

Ultimately, Cam says she’s thankful just to have the opportunity: “I feel really privileged to just share any tiny bit that I know that might help other people.”

You should be able to watch Cam’s TED Talk online in the coming days.

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