Cam follows the "Road to Happiness" in new song

ABC/Image Group LA Cam gets philosophical on "Road to Happiness," the new track that's the latest preview of her forthcoming sophomore album.

"It's the wild unknown, it's a ball and chain," she sings on the song that's similar stylistically to her chart-topping breakthrough from 2015, "Burning House."

She continues: "It's a knowing destination, we keep driving anyway/Is the future that we're chasing worth the right nows that we miss/On this road to happiness."

"Road to Happiness" is the follow-up to Cam's most recent single, "Diane." It's also one of the tunes she's been performing in the opening spot on British sensation Sam Smith's The Thrill of It All Tour.

You can stream or download the new song now, or check out an audio-only version on YouTube.

This weekend, Cam and the "Too Good at Goodbyes" hitmaker pass through Tampa and Miami, Florida. So far, we don't know when Cam's successor to her debut, Untamed, will be released.

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