Cam soars with "Redwood Tree" on ‘Good Morning America’

Sharon Ochs/RCA RecordsCam delivered a stunning acoustic performance of her new song "Redwood Tree" on Good Morning America today.

The singer sat down with the morning show for a virtual segment streaming from a music studio. Flanked by guitar and according players who were both wearing bandanas over their faces, Cam offered a stirring, soulful performance of the song inspired by the redwood tree she used to climb in the backyard of her childhood home in California, her voice capturing the poignancy of the lyrics.  

"I wrote this song looking back at my life...just thinking about how I've lived my life and when I was living it for myself and when I was living it for others," she explains. "I think that's something that a lot of us are thinking about right now, how we can try and be better at living for other people."  

"Redwood Tree" will be featured on Cam's highly anticipated sophomore album, which she describes as a "mix of darkness and light." It's expected to be released sometime this year.

By Cillea Houghton
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