Candidates Meet.. Answer Questions in Political Forum

A Large crowd of citizens were on hand last night at the “Rock Gym” as Candidates for Mayor of Elberton, Mayor of Bowman and Elberton City Council Ward 5 had the opportunity to answer questions submitted to WSGC and The Elberton Star.

Many questions were asked of each candidate, many of them centering on the working relationship with the three governments in the county, Government Consolidation and Economic Development. Questions were also asked about the investment in the Samuel Elbert Hotel, while some candidates had differing views on the purchase and renovation of the Hotel all of the candidates agreed that it was having a positive impact on Elberton’s downtown, bringing people into Elbert county and was a beautiful facility that we all should be proud to have in our city.

A podcast of the complete Political forum is available now. click here to listen to the entire broadcast from Wednesday evening.

The Political “Meet the Candidates” Forum was presented in a joint Media Venture by the Elberton Star and WSGC Radio.

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