Car Stolen in Chicago with 10-Year-Old Boy Sitting Inside

WLS-TV(CHICAGO) — A 10-year-old Chicago boy is home safely after going on a joy ride of sorts that he'll never forget.

The drama unfolded Sunday morning when Richard Rodriguez's family car was stolen -- while he was seated inside the vehicle outside his house, while waiting for his mother and baby sister.

Rodriguez said he was sitting in the car outside of his home in the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago when a teenage girl jumped inside and drove off, ABC News affiliate WLS reported.

Rodriguez said the teem hit two cars before stopping in an alley to pick up an accomplice.

"The girl just came running and just got into my car and I was really, like, shocked because I was like my mom doesn't drive that fast," Rodriguez told WLS on Tuesday. "They hit a car and then when they saw the other cars had stopped the girl turned around and hit another car, and when she was driving in the alley she hit a big post."

He said the accomplice, another teenager, got into the vehicle and told him to get out, leaving him alone and stranded in an alley. Thankfully, a good Samaritan found him and notified his parents.

"He called my mom and after that, that's how my parents found me," Rodriguez told WLS.



His parents, Jaqueline and Elias Rodriguez, said they were relieved when they got the phone call, but now they're worried about the safety of their neighborhood. The family had just moved into the area this past weekend.

"I think this is not secure," Jacqueline Rodriguez told WLS.

Chicago police are investigating the matter and working to recover the vehicle, but the parents said they are not too concerned about the car's whereabouts.

"Right now my kid is important, he saved my kid. Not important, my car," Elias Rodriguez said.

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