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Burke/Triolo Productions/Thinkstock Nashville star Chris Carmack will be the first guest on NASHCHAT, which kicks off Thursday night at 11 p.m. ET, following the season five premiere of the country-music-centered drama on at 9 p.m. ...

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Real or Staged? There’s a Snake in Brett Eldredge’s Bathroom!

Real or Staged? There's a Snake in Brett Eldredge's Bathroom!ABC/Ida Mae AstuteWhy is there a snake in Brett Eldredge’s toilet? That’s the question, courtesy of a disturbing new video the “Wanna Be That Song” hitmaker posted on social media.

“I was going to take a leak to start the day, you know, that’s how you start the day and then I walked in here, and what do we have but a beautiful new year’s snake?” Brett says nervously, as the camera pans to reveal a serpent sticking its head out of the toilet bowl.

Since the snake is very still, it appears it could be a very lifelike replica, until the footage cuts to another person removing the very-much-alive reptile from the bathroom with a very long pole.

Stay tuned to see if there’s more to the story from the frequently-outrageous admitted social-media addict. 

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Before ya go to the bathroom...DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳

— Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) January 4, 2017

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/Thinkstock Reba McEntire's gospel double-album, Sing It Now, is on the way February 3, but her very first top-ten hit also happened to reference the hereafter. Can you name the single from 1980? ANSWER: "(You Lift Me) Up to Heaven." Copyr...

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