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WATCH NOW: Walker Hayes: From Costco’s cooler to country’s top 10

WATCH NOW: Walker Hayes: From Costco's cooler to country's top 10ABC/Image Group LAWalker Hayes is currently enjoying his first top 10 hit, "You Broke Up With Me." But as he told ABC Radio at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville on Monday, it wasn't that long ago, he was working at a not-very-glamorous day job, and dreaming that some big star would record one of his songs.

"My last full-time job outside of music was Costco, I was stocking produce," the Alabama native tells ABC Radio. "I mean, it was rough, it was like 4 to 10:30 in the morning and then I would go and write [songs] for a publishing company."

"[I] thought that was the best case scenario," he continues. "Maybe a big artist throws me a bone, cuts one [of my songs], it's a single and maybe I can afford to do music for a while. So yeah, the fact that I'm the artist's a miracle!"

Walker's salvation was super-producer Shane McAnally, who signed the singer just two years ago.

"He made it so I could quit Costco, and then we began writing for this project," explains Walker. "And that's actually when we wrote 'You Broke Up With Me.'"

As Walker explains, the song was inspired by his reaction to people coming out of the woodwork after they learned about his deal.

"As soon as the whole town found out that Shane McAnally was making a record [with] me, tons of people wanted to reconnect that had kinda vanished when I was working at Costco," he says.

Walker is now taking a fatalistic approach to his success.

"If it all ended tomorrow, it'd be really sad," he laughs. "But I can say we hit that top 10 mark. That's pretty outstanding."

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Watch now: How "Dark Horse" Devin Dawson went from metal maniac to country star

Watch now: How "Dark Horse" Devin Dawson went from metal maniac to country starABC/Image Group LAThanks to his first big hit, "All On Me," the lead single from his debut album Dark Horse, Devin Dawson is one 2018's country stars to watch.  It's hard to believe the Orangevale, CA native once thought he'd make his living playing heavy metal music.

Though Devin grew up listening to country music, he cut his musical teeth playing in a metal band.  But he says switching genres wasn't as difficult as you might think.

"[F]or me, it was more of like a renaissance...going back to what I started with," Devin explains to ABC Radio. "I wrote my own songs in my room, by myself, for myself, and I was kinda trying to emulate these country songs that I had grown up listening to."

Devin laughs, "I remember sitting in the front of the van being like, 'I'm never gonna stop playing metal! I'm gonna rock out for the rest of my life!' And I grew out of it pretty quick, man."

According to Devin, writing those songs in his bedroom was "fulfilling" than metal. "Those songs eventually took over more of my heart," he says.

But his time as a heavy metal rocker definitely left its mark on Devin's album, Dark Horse -- and he's proud of that.

"I will never stray away from...the way that it's shaped me, being in a metal band," he tells ABC Radio. "Whether it's my live show, or whether it's songs...on my record that kind of tip the hat a little bit to the angst, and the rock influence in my sonic identity.  "I will never hide from it...It's something that shaped me for the better."

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WATCH NOW: Post Super Bowl, Chase Rice reveals who he was rooting for, and who he wanted to see during halftime

WATCH NOW: Post Super Bowl, Chase Rice reveals who he was rooting for, and who he wanted to see during halftimeABC/Image Group LALike many country fans, Chase Rice thought Chris Stapleton might make an appearance during Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl LII halftime show performance Sunday night. At the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville today, the former college football star told ABC Radio that he was rooting for well as for the New England Patriots.

"I thought we were gonna have a little bit of country last night, I'm not gonna lie," Chase tells ABC Radio. "I thought Stapleton was gonna work his way in there, he never did. But man, I thought it was great, I thought it was entertaining."

Chase adds, "Timberlake does what Timberlake does. He's a pro about it, he gets up there, does his moves, sings his parts, and he knows what he's good at...he put it out there last night."

As for the Patriots, Chase, a one-time NFL prospect, says he's been a fan of the team since high school because he "likes the way they win."  While he no longer plays, he says he's brought the football mindset to his country music career.

"In my mind, I'm like, 'Hey, it's the best song, if you're the best guy, it's your spot,' and that's not always the way it is," he admits. 

But, he adds, "I'm not gonna let outside stuff affect who I am and what I'm gonna do and what my job is. My job is to write songs, sing 'em, get 'em out there and have people sing 'em back to me, and make sure that those people singing back to me have the absolute best time of their lives."

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Nashville notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/Thinkstock Singer/songwriter Lari White will be remembered Monday, February 12, at a Celebration of Life service at Christ Church Nashville. The "Now I Know" hitmaker passed away January 23 after battling cancer. The ...

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