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Extreme wind violently knocks down man at NH observatory 6,300 feet above sea level

Extreme wind violently knocks down man at NH observatory 6,300 feet above sea levelMount Washington Observatory(NEW YORK) --  With an altitude of 6,288 feet above sea level, New Hampshire's Mount Washington Observatory is not a particularly pleasant place to be during a ferocious windstorm.

Case in point: On Thursday, a man at the observatory found it impossible to remain standing as winds in excess of 100 mph swept through the area.

Winds in excess of 100 mph make it difficult for worker to stand up at New Hampshire's Mount Washington Observatory.

— ABC News (@ABC) March 10, 2017

The observatory, located about 140 miles north of Boston in North Conway, posted a video to its Facebook page, writing, "Winds this morning were gusting to well over 100 mph so we had to take a break from work to play! The peak gust for today was 119 mph and during the video, winds were still gusting into the 110+ mph range. The flag is used to help visualize the winds."

In the video the man finds it impossible to remain standing, as the wind forces him to the ground and begins to blow him away.

ABC affiliate WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire reported Thursday that utility company Eversource restored power to more than 18,000 customers who were affected by the harsh weather in the state.

"Line crews and tree crews have been extremely busy," Eversource spokesperson Martin Murray told WMUR. "Our operations staff have been monitoring conditions. We've had people out restoring power throughout the day."

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