Charles Kelley’s turning Lady A’s summer tour into a playdate with son Ward

ABC/Randy HolmesEven though Charles Kelley’s son Ward isn’t even three yet, he’s already become quite the world traveler.

Charles estimates the boy's already been on more than one hundred flights and traveled to multiple continents, including Europe. The Lady Antebellum hitmaker brings Ward and his wife Cassie on tour as much as he can, because he doesn’t want to miss any of the big moments in his little boy’s life.

“My wife and I have such a strong relationship that it’s just so much better when they’re out with me,” Charles tells People. “Having them with me is so cozy. I also don’t want Ward to grow up [and] be like, ‘I never got to see my dad -- he was always traveling.'”

The Augusta, Georgia native says Ward was recently “enamored” by all the bikes he saw whizzing by in Amsterdam.

“I thought, ‘Buddy, you’ve seen more in 2½ years than I ever saw in my 24 years of existence until this band,” Charles recalls. “I still love the South, I love Georgia, but there’s just so much beauty in the world.”

You can read more about the travels of Charles, Cassie and Ward in the new issue of People, which comes out on Friday.

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