Chris Young is "Losing Sleep" over new album

RCA NashvilleChris Young’s seventh studio album is on the way October 20, and will take its title from its lead single, “Losing Sleep.”

With the new record, the Murfreesboro, Tennessee native stays on the path he set out on with his previous #1 album.

“I think the experimentation I did on I’m Comin’ Over was the most I had really done,” Chris says. “So with Losing Sleep it was about continuing that.”

“There’s stuff like the lead track, which is really different sonically from a lot of things in my catalog, and there are going to be things that feel more familiar, too,” he continues, describing the set’s ten cuts. “Each song has a unique vibe and life to it.”

Chris both co-produced Losing Sleep and also had a hand in writing all the songs.  He’ll celebrate his most recent chart-topper, “Sober Saturday Night,” with a party next week at the Grand Ole Opry.

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