Citizens Ask Commissioners for Road Help

by Scott Smith

The Elbert County Board of Commissioners met Monday night and held a Public Hearing regarding the proposed road closing on a portion of Teasley Road at Cold water Road.

The Commissioners then moved into their regular November meeting at 5;30 pm. Items on the agenda included, Adoption of Agenda for this meeting (approved unanimously), adoption of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 9, 2017 (approved unanimously) , a request was heard from residents and land owners of Craft Ferry Subdivision to address the Board regarding the road conditions in the subdivision, this was the major topic of the conversation as many residents attended and pleaded with the board for road help as the now defunct developer is nowhere to be found to address the issues of roads and conditions of those roads that are now in disrepair. County attorney Bill Daughtry explained that the county was prohibited by state law not to do work on roads that are not owned by the county and the property associations should try and work on the problem. County administrator Bob Thomas did alert the land owners in attendance that he had been seeking advice from other counties with situations of the same type with privately owned subdivisions. A discussion and a vote was held and approved to close a portion of Teasley Road beginning at the intersection of Coldwater Road and running approximately six tenths of a mile, The Board approved bids for the Volunteer Firefighters Cancer Insurance as required by House Bill 146 that was passed by the 2017 Georgia General Assembly. approved the FY 2017 Budget Amendment, A short discussion and an affirmative vote reappointed Mr. Horace Baker to the Elbert County Board of Tax Assessors for a three-year term as The current term expires December 31, 2017, Commissioners approved a new ambulance for the EMS Department.
The Board also approved the purchase of a new new fire truck for the Fire Department.

Mayor Larry Guest, Councilman Carey Butler and Troy Colquit were at the meeting to speak to the board regarding an amendment to the Joint Economic Development budget since the City of Elberton has not funded their portion of the 2018 budget. Guest has been very vocal about the communication or lack thereof between the city and Economic development Executive Rusty Warner, the county and the City. Commission chairman Tommy Lyon requested that he and Mayor Guest meet together in a separate meeting to discuss the matter.

The Board discussed and approved a vote on an agreement with Davis Systems to provide recycling for electronic devices on a daily basis. This process will include KECB as part of the agreement. The recycling will take place in the warehouse located at the transfer site.

In other business the board will heard a financial report by county Administrator Bob Thomas in the absence of CFO Phil Pitts. The Board then adjourned.

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