City working on dilapidated housing

star-logodilapidated-houseFrom our Friends at the Elberton Star

Elberton City Attorney Steve Jenkins is making some progress with dilapidated housing. Of the 33 properties on the Dilapidated Housing Status Report provided by the city at Monday night’s city council meeting, a number of them have been resolved, will be resolved in the very near future or are awaiting further action by either the city or owner. According to the report., at least 10 properties have liens placed by the city after owners failed to take action. Those properties include 647 Pulliam St., 345 A and B Mill St., 520 and 524 Jones St., 650 Pulliam St., 115 N. McIntosh St., 146 Burke St., 135 Burke St., 337 Williams St., 196 S. Oliver St. and 273 Campbell St. The liens range from $1,500 to $14,245. The owner of the property at 115 N. McIntosh St. has offered to deed the parcel to the city in lieu of the lien. Three more properties have been taken to court. The owner of 141 Burke St. had contracted for the building to be demolished but the work was not performed within the limitations set and the city demolished the property. The city now plans to take a lien on the property for the demolition costs. The properties at 478 Taggart St. and 306 Martin St. have 45 days from the date of notice to demolish their structures. Civil suits have been filed on property owners at 713 Granite St., 476 Taggart St. and 324 Ohio St. The Masonic Lodge on McLendon Street has been deeded to the city and scheduled for demolition by the city. Letters have been mailed to owners of properties located at 215 Roosevelt St., 337 Willow St., 512 Jones St. and 333 Fountain St. The city marshal and/or city attorney is in contact with at least 10 more property owners.At least one property, 215 Roosevelt St., has seen improvement and is expected to be removed from the Dilapidated Housing Status Report and another, 345 Willow St., has had some work done but did not meet the necessary code minimums. The city marshal is proceeding with the demolition process

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