Cole Swindell Admits He Was in the Middle of a "Kiss" When His Latest #1 Came Along

ABC/Image Group LA This week, Cole Swindell’s sixth single, “Middle of a Memory,” also becomes his sixth number-one as an artist. If you’re counting, it also happens to be the Georgia native’s ninth chart-topper as a writer.

“There was a song on one of my Down Home Sessions called 'Kiss,'” he says, explaining how his latest hit was born. “That was the name of the song. We were writing -- me, Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell were writing that song. And in the second verse, it says, 'Girl you left me here with half a beer, in the middle of a memory.' And we just all three stopped and it was like, 'Whoa! We have to write that!' So we just stopped writing that song and wrote 'Middle of a Memory' right there, just kind of about that. Didn't want it to be too serious, just lighthearted and one of those nights where you meet somebody, you're into them and it doesn't work out. You realize what could've been, should've been, and she's gone.”

Cole admits he’s pretty astonished to already have half a dozen number-ones.

“It seems like 'Chillin' It' was out a year ago, you know,” he says of his first single, which actually came out in 2013. “It's been a wild ride!”

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