Coming soon: Carrie Underwood’s ready to "Cry Pretty" in new music video

Randee St. Nicholas/Capitol Records NashvilleThe music video for Carrie's Underwood's "Cry Pretty" is headed our way any day now.

"Coming Soon... #Cry Pretty," Carrie tweeted, along with a short preview. In the clip, we see Carrie -- fully clothed -- leaning against the wall in the shower, walking down a hall in a pink faux fur, and stepping up to a mic onstage. Though the song says it's impossible, Carrie also seems to be able to "Cry Pretty," in a close-up that shows her mascara running.

The lead single from Carrie's first album for Capitol Nashville is already in country's top 25, even though it's been out less than a month. While we don't know exactly when the video will arrive, the full Cry Pretty album is set to be released September 14.

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