Commissioners Work Session Thursday Evening

The Elbert County Board of Commissioners will hold a work session this afternoon at 5pm. Items on the Agenda include:

1) Request from Gary Jones with the Elberton Star newspaper to discuss the recent radio communications project for county-wide emergency services.
2) Request from Al McCall representing the Elberton campus of Athens Tech to review opportunities and activities of this facility as well as the location in Athens.
3) Discussion and approval of bids up to $150,000 for a fuel farm project at the Elbert County airport. The project is a replacement of the existing 6,000 gallon underground tank with a 12,000 gallon above ground tank which will be fully automated. The old system is 25 years old. Funds will come from the federal and state FAA entitlement program. Elbert County will match up to 5 % of the total funding with in-kind services.
4) Discussion and approval of a beer and wine license for Shamire Samsoodeen (S & G, Inc.) dba Lily’s Corner at 1431 Bowman Highway, formerly known as Madden’s.
5) Discussion and approval of the following rezoning request:

a. Case # 023-012- Request from Lynn Norton to rezone 36 acres on Sweet City Road from Agriculture to Industrial. The Planning Commission recommended approval.
b. Case # 028-030- Request from Thirteen Forks, LLC to rezone 128 acres from Agriculture to Industrial. The Planning Commission recommended approval.
c. Case # 050-044B- Request from Bradley Ripple to rezone 178 acres from Agriculture to Industrial location on William Smith and Luther Burton Road. The Planning Commission recommend denial of this application.

6) Discussion and approval to move forward with a proposal from ABM Building Solutions to provide an Energy Audit for services including engineering, audits, design, construction, project management and ongoing support of proposed installed energy systems for certain county facilities. This project must include a proposal for revenue neutral payback from existing utility payments.
7) Discussion and approval of a request to include a binding ballot question on the May 22, 2018 county-wide general election regarding future funding of the Elbert Memorial hospital through a millage rate.
8) Discussion and approval to allow EMS authorization to request bids for the purchase of a new ambulance to replace the current 2008 model with $187,128 miles (M-9).
9) Discussion and approval of bids for a skid-steer and mini-excavator equipment for the Road Department to be used as a supplement on road work and other projects where a backhoe is not as maneuverable.

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