Cop Gives His Own Pokeman Cards to Kid Whose Collection Was Stolen

Jimmy Grotenrath(CLEVELAND) -- One Cleveland police officer’s kind gesture is going viral after he shared the photo of his encounter with this little boy named Bryce on his Facebook page.

“We originally received a radio broadcast for a juvenile’s Pokémon cards that were stolen right out of his hands,” Grotenrath told ABC News of the incident. “While on scene we collected information from the child, Bryce Angelone, his mother, Angela Angelone, and some other neighborhood kids.”

Fortunately he was able to recover the stolen cards from the child who had taken them, but a few were still missing. Feeling badly for Bryce, the officer decided to go above and beyond to put a smile back on his face.

“I had some old ones in my closet from when I was still a kid. I couldn’t believe they were still in there,” Grotenrath said of his personal Pokémon collection. “I stopped back over to his house and gave them to him and he was just ecstatic. He was so excited.”

The next day the officer stopped back over at Bryce’s house to make the special delivery.

“The family was all on the porch happy to see us. I then told Bryce to come to my zone car and told him I had something to give him,” he explained. “I then handed him a bunch of binders where his face was smiling from cheek to cheek and even dropped them when I handed them to him in excitement. That is when he pulled out some of his other collection of Pokémon cards and was showing them off. His collection expanded even more.”

Bryce is not only thrilled with his new Pokemon cards, but he’s also loving his newfound fame.

“He keeps saying, ‘I’m famous,’” his mom, Angela, said.

“Anything we can do to put a smile on a citizen’s face is a job well done in our book,” Grotenrath wrote on Facebook.

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