Corps of Engineers Keep a Close Eye on Area Lakes

hartwell lake overfullThe Corps of Engineers is keeping a close eye on Lake Lanier and other area lakes like Lake Hartwell and Thurmond, as more rain is in the forecast: no releases of water yet, but the Corps says that could happen later this week. Lanier is already above full pool and is approaching record high water levels. The daily projected lake levels for Hartwell Lake will vary between 1.4 and 3.2 feet above winter pool level for the period December 23 and January 1. Winter pool levels went into effect beginning October 16. These daily projections show the lake level will rise to 659.2 feet by January 1, however recent heavy rains have resulted in significantly higher lake levels. At the time of this update, the lake was almost 2 feet above summer full pool level of 660 ft.

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