County Reduces Millage rate 2.323 Mills

In a called meeting Friday afternoon, the Elbert County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to set the millage rate for Elbert County down 2.323 mills from last year to the rollback rate of 11.125 mills.

The Commission voted one half of a mill for economic development The Elbert County Board of Education had previously voted to go with their rollback rate of 15.87 mills. The commissioners then moved on to the millage rate for Elbert Memorial Hospital. It was reported by county administrator Bob Thomas that the current rate for the hospital was 2.5 mills. A motion was made by commissioner Harper to give the hospital 2.3 mills of tax, the motion died for lack of a second. Commissioner Ashworth then made a motion to give the hospital one mill with a second by Commissioner Alexander that, vote failed by a vote of three to two. Commissioner Vaughn then made a motion to give the hospital 2.1 mills of tax that vote passed by a vote of three to two in favor with commissioner Ashworth and Alexander voting no.

The Commissioners then went into executive session and after returned to an open meeting no action was taken.


listen to the meeting here


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