Dierks Bentley helped design a writers’ room in Nashville

ABC/Image Group LADierks Bentley served as a guest designer for Nashville's Hutton Hotel when the establishment decided to create a series of writers' rooms on its premises. The singer has even been testing out his creation: he's recording vocals there for his ninth studio album, The Mountain.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Dierks reveals that he worked with Studio 11 Design's Kellie Sirna to collaborate on a space inspired by his childhood home in Phoenix. As a result, the room includes Saltillo tile, layered Navajo area rugs and a vintage Ouija board.

“I really wanted to be able to create a vibe that allows writers to step out of their norm and get lost in the space,” Dierks explains. “There can be a lot of outside distractions when you’re writing close to home, so hopefully the room takes you somewhere else.”

The room is currently available to rent for $350 per day, recording studio included.

“I am actually using the room to record vocals on my new album right now,” says Dierks.  “Between having my own space to write and record and now my new bar on lower Broadway in downtown Nashville, I’m totally dialed in. Some days I go from home to the Writers' Room to the bar and then back home!”

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