DNRDeer season began over the past weekend for archers.

The season will open soon for those hunting with firearms.

But anyone who is a hunter has a new step to take when harvesting deer and turkey this year.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has started a new program to keep up with the amount of wildlife being harvested in Georgia.

It is the new Georgia Game Check Program.

Corporal Craig Fulghum of the Georgia DNR tells us about this program.

“When you are deer or turkey hunting, and in turkey season we unveiled this. The initial start of the Georgia Game check. What this is , is a way for our department to follow how many deer and turkey are being harvested state wide.” Fulghum said.

Fulghum went on to explain how the program works.

“Once you harvest a deer in the state of Georgia, you’ll have 72 hours to record that kill on our telephone system or you can us an ap that is available on line. And you can put it on your phone for all our smart phone users. That ap is going to be available free of charge. Once you call the number or use the ap, you’ll be prompted to put the county that you harvested the deer, you’ll be asked if it’s a buck or doe, you’ll be asked the date that you harvested that animal, and you will be asked what kind of firearm did you use or archery equipment. Was it muzzle loader, modern firearm or archery.” Fulghum said.

Fulghum says the data retrieved on this program will help biologists keep up with the amounts of wildlife being harvested in the state. Plus the data will be available for hunters as well to see where the hot spots are for hunters.

However fulghum warns this system does not replace the old tagging system.

You will still have to purchase your deer tags and place them on the animal.

“Before you move that animal you still have to record it in ink. The county where you killed it, and whether it’s a buck or doe. You still have to tag it. The recording is a separate deal. You have 72 hours to call that number or do the ap. You have 72 hours to let us know that you harvested that animal.”Fulghum said.

For more information, you can go to the Georgia DNR web site at georgiawildlife.com .

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