Eclipse Closes School August 21

The Elbert County School District has cancelled all classes for Monday, Aug. 21, due to safety concerns associated with the solar eclipse. It will be considered an inclement weather day and a make-up day will not be required. All staff, except bus drivers and cafeteria staff, will report to work as normal.
Initial plans were for our school district to delay dismissal until 3:20 p.m. on August 21, but an email notification was received on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from the company supplying protective solar eclipse glasses to our three largest schools. The notification stated that confirmation had not been received from the supplier that the eclipse glasses have been sourced from a recommended manufacturer. It explicitly recommends that the glasses not be used to view the sun or the eclipse.

After receiving the notification, various options were reviewed. It was decided that the most safe and responsible action was to cancel all classes for Monday, August 21.

All Elbert County schools will continue to educate students on the science associated with the solar eclipse. Likewise, we will continue to provide guidance on the dangers of looking directly at the sun at any time without the use of special safety glasses. Guidelines for watching the eclipse have been posted by NASA at safety.

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