Elbert County NAACP Celebrates 38 years during Annual Banquet

Donikia S. Gray speaker at the NAACP Banquet photo: Scott Smith WSGC

The Elbert County Chapter of the NAACP celebrated with the 38th Annual Banquet at the Elberton Civic Center. Many local and State dignitaries and prominent citizens from all over the southeast were on hand to celebrate including the guest speaker Donikia S. Gray.

Gray spoke eloquently about the challenges, need for changes, ways to go forward with our children. the general state of multiple generations of people in need and the bright future of what all could do by working together to tackle problems and issues in our area and nation. The banquet also included a full slate of service awards given to deserving recipients. Lindberg Glaze founder of Glaze tire service received the Elbertonian award for his many years of entrepreneurship and service to the Elberton Community.

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