UPDATE :Elbert County Schools placed on Lock Down Thursday Afternoon

elbertmiddleschool-JPGAt 1:52 pm, today Elbert County 911 communications Center received a call from Security Director Shayne Bennett. He reported a possible serious threat at Elbert County Middle School.  It was reported that the school, as well as the Elementary and Primary School had been placed on lockdown at that time due to the threat.

Officers of the Elberton Police Department and the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office responded.  They were briefed on the details of the threat and the school was searched and cleared for the reported person of interest.

After further investigation it was determined that the person of interest was not, and had not been on the school campus today and may have a medical condition.


Upon completion of the investigation and review of the incident the following details are being made available.

Elbert County Middle School faculty was contacted by the VA Medical Staff.  They relayed that they had received information from a person that is a school district employee.  Medical personnel were concerned that statements made by this person were taken to be threats against faculty members.

The location of the person was unknown at the time of the report.

The school system implemented the safety plan and placed the schools on lockdown based on the information they received.  The 911 Center was called and officers responded to the schools.

After a thorough search, the person of interest was not at the school.

Subsequently  the lockdown was lifted for the dismissal of school.

Investigators began working several leads in an attempt to locate the

person of interest.  Investigators followed up on those leads through the night.

The location of the person of interest was confirmed early this morning and the threat has been mitigated.

Based on the investigation and consultation with the DA’s office

no charges are pending at this time and the investigation is closed.

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