Eric Pasley gets back to basics with "The Work Tapes"

EMI Records NashvilleAs he works on his sophomore album, Eric Paslay is putting out an unusual new EP to tide his fans over.

The Work Tapes is a five-song collection of some of Eric’s songs in their earliest forms: often acoustic and sometimes recorded simply on an iPhone.

“While working to finalize my second album, I spent weeks revisiting all the songs I’ve written,” Eric explains. “I couldn’t believe how many were left behind never to be heard, but also how refreshing it was to hear them again in their raw, imperfect state just moments after they were written.”

The EP’s first track, “Less Than Whole,” also appeared on Eric’s self-titled debut album, along with his #1 hit, “Friday Night.”

Here’s the track list for Eric Paslay’s The Work Tapes, which is available digitally now:

“Less Than Whole”
“Amarillo Rain”
“Back Home to You”
“Come Back to This Town”
“Let Go”

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