Even winter weather can’t keep Kenny Chesney from setting records on his Trip Around the Sun

Allister AnnEven though there was snow on the ground and the temperature was in the thirties, nearly 44,000 fans still turned out to see Kenny Chesney this weekend in Wisconsin. The crowd at Miller Stadium in Milwaukee is a personal record for the superstar from East Tennessee.

“It was freezing,” Kenny admits. “I couldn’t move my fingers to play on some songs, but the audience was so incredible…it didn’t matter! They were rocking so hard and so hot we couldn’t stop ourselves.”

Kenny also had a surprise for those braving the weather: David Lee Murphy joined him onstage to sing their top-ten hit.

“It’s amazing the way the crowd responded to David Lee and that real classic party kind of country music,” Kenny reflects. “You know, ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ is sitting at #9, and you can feel how much people love that song when you hear them screaming like that when you hear them screaming and singing along like that when they hear the intro.”

Kenny’s own single, “Get Along,” isn’t far behind at #14.

“For a brand-new song, they sing every word of that chorus like they’ve known it for years,” he says. “I think it’s partially because it’s an idea people are so hungry for right now: getting along with people, even the ones you don’t know, because the world is becoming such a loud, angry place.”

This weekend, Kenny’s Trip Around the Sun tour rolls on, with a Cinco de Mayo stop at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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