"Every Little Thing" is fine with Carly Pearce and Michael Ray

ABC This week, Carly Pearce tops the country chart with "I Hope You're Happy Now," the song she wrote about her break-up prior to marrying her husband, Michael Ray

Ironically, Carly's second number one comes as some fans have wondered if something might be amiss, just because the two haven't been seen together on social media lately.

But Carly says nothing could be further from the truth -- they simply both have their sights set on their next chapter.

"You know, Michael's busy working on new music and is really focused on that," Carly explains. "And I'm just focused on my stuff, and we obviously are super-supportive of each other."

In fact, Carly's been so prolific she expects her next single won't come from her self-titled sophomore album, which was just released on Valentine's Day. Instead, it'll be totally new music.

Meanwhile, Michael's crafting the follow-up to his 2018 album, Amos.

"I know that everybody keeps asking me where Michael is," Carly continues, "but he's just really focused on music. And I think he's not posting a lot and doing a lot of things just for a reason."

"And I think I'm really proud of him for the music that he's working on right now," she adds. "I think it's a big evolution for him. And I think people are really gonna get to know him. And I'm happy for him in that."

Carly and Michael tied the knot in Nashville last October, waiting to take their honeymoon until the end of the year. In March, they performed their new duet, "Finish Your Sentences," on ABC's Good Morning America

By Stephen Hubbard
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