Farewell to Mure-Cho Students

On Monday evening, the Sister City Committee, exchange students and Mayor Guest joined Consul General Shinozuka in bidding farewell to the four students and one chaperone from Mure. Five host families, including Brent and Abby Moon, Chad and Julia Brown , Jared and Janice Fleming , Bill and Kim Yeargin and Alan and Kim Higginbotham had the opportunity to open their homes to the guest from Mure for two weeks. During the two weeks, the Mure guest had the opportunity to experience life in United States and especially in Elberton with their adopted American families. The Mure guest were escorted from Mure by the Elberton group that spent two weeks in Mure experiencing the Japanese way of life. The Elberton group consisted of students Aleigh Robertson, Sarah Grace Hall, Jake LeBarron, Grant Brown, Allison McGarity, Caroline Sizemore and chaperone Sara Cone. The Sister City Exchange Program is one of the longest running student exchange programs in the country. The program between the two cities, based on the granite industry, was formed over 35 years ago.

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