Father-to-be Thomas Rhett, replaced by a Snoogle

ValoryWith not one -- but two -- little ones on the way, Thomas Rhett is already making some changes to his road life, as he heads out on his fast-selling Home Team Tour.

“We took one whole side of bunks out and made a crib and like drawers,” he says of the alterations he’s made to his bus. “And then on the other side, we knocked out two bunks and put two dog crates under there. So literally, there's one bunk left on our bus. But we're now gonna have to get rid of the dog crates and probably add another crib, because of two babies,” he adds. “So, it's pretty nuts.”

TR admits the changes in his life are certainly not confined to the road.

“My wife got this new pillow called a Snoogle that has completely replaced me in the bed,” he laughs.

Thomas and his wife Lauren are expecting their first little one in August. But before their baby girl arrives, they’re also set to finalize their adoption of a child from Africa.

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