Fireworks Set Off in Phoenix Walmart, Some Mistake It for Gunfire

Phoenix Fire Department(PHOENIX) -- Customers at a Phoenix Walmart feared the worst this week when a fireworks display erupted in an aisle, prompting some customers to think a gunman had opened fire in the store, officials said.

"A lot of people thought they were being shot at," said Ardell Deliz of the Phoenix Fire Department.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the Wednesday incident.

"We treated everyone for smoke inhalation on the scene," Deliz told ABC News, but no one was transferred to a hospital.

Someone pulled a fire alarm at the store, alerting the fire department before calls came in describing the situation.

"This could have been deadly," said Deliz, who praised the store's response. "Walmart did a great job of evacuating," she said, adding that most everyone was already out when first responders arrived.

The fire was under control ten minutes after the first alarm was pulled, according to the fire department, who has released security footage of two suspects in the investigation. They remain at large, officials said.

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