Four wards go for Guest, one for Fernandez in Elberton mayor’s race

By Linton Johnson

Official vote totals released Wednesday by the City of Elberton reveal that Mayor Larry Guest prevailed in four of the city’s five wards in his re-election to a fourth term Tuesday.
Guest won Ward 1 by an 83-57 overall margin, Ward 3 by 60-23, Ward 4 by 93-62 and Ward 5 by 91-86, while challenger Mike Fernandez was the winner in Ward 2 by a 39-30 vote. Overall, Guest received 357 votes, or 57 percent, to 267, or 43 percent, for Fernandez.
Those vote totals include absentee, advance and early voting ballots as well as Election Day voting and two provisional ballots that were accepted by city officials Wednesday, one of which went to Guest and one to Fernandez.

A total of 346 early votes were cast, representing a majority of the overall vote, compared to 278 votes on Tuesday. Guest won the early voting by a 214-132 margin and the Election Day balloting by a much closer 143-135 difference.
In the race for the Ward 5 post on the City Council, challenger Kyle Parham unseated incumbent Joel Seymour with 98 total votes (56 percent) to 76 votes (44 percent) for Seymour. Parham won the Election Day voting by a 48-29 margin and the early voting by a narrow 50-47 difference.

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