From LOCASH Cowboys to Million-Airs: Preston Brust and Chris Lucas "Love This Life"

ABC/Image Group LA The guys in LOCASH may need to think about changing their name, since they’re now officially millionaires...when it comes to radio airplay, that is.

While we can't speak to Preston Brust and Chris Lucas’s bank accounts, we do know how many times their breakthrough hit, “I Love This Life,” has been played. Performing rights organization Broadcast Music Incorporated just awarded the duo its BMI Million-Air Award, certifying more than a million broadcast performances in the U.S. In fact, the song, co-written with Chris Janson, has actually surpassed the two-million mark.

LOCASH’s new single, “Don’t Get Better Than That,” is the lead release from their follow-up to 2016’s The Fighters.

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