From "Sixteen" to the "Grave," Thomas Rhett previews "Life Changes"

BMLGThomas Rhett’s Life Changes album won’t be out until September 8, but if you pre-order the project, you can download several tunes ahead of time.

One of those is the song that TR’s wife Lauren says is her favorite, “Sixteen.”

“That song is the epitome of just, the grass is always greener,” Thomas tells ABC Radio. “We've all been sixteen. If we haven't been sixteen yet, we can't wait to be sixteen. And then when you get there, you're just like, 'Well, all my friends are going to college, and I can't buy a lottery ticket!'”

Though it’s titled “Sixteen,” the touching track has a unique way of capturing the things we all long for, at significant ages during our formative years.

“I feel like so many of us go through life, just always can't wait to get to the next step, when you really just should sit there and cherish it, because one day you're gonna look back at it and go like, 'Man, those were great times!'” Thomas reflects.  

You can also check out “Sixteen” in a new lyric video on YouTube.

On Friday, another instant grat track also becomes available. “Grave” is the fourteen-cut record’s closing song. You can preview the gospel-tinged tune at  

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