Gas Shortage in Elberton begining to show but according to state officials could be short lived

Ingles marathon notice marathon price marathonGas Shortage begins to start showing up in Elberton

Drivers in Elberton, Northeast Georgia and throughout the state faced long lines and dry pumps Saturday as fallout from an Alabama pipeline spill threatened gasoline supplies in Georgia.
Along with Georgia, the leak threatens supplies in Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Gov. Nathan Deal has signed an emergency order temporarily lifting federal restrictions to allow truckers to stay on the road longer to deliver more fuel.

WSGC has been to Ingles who this morning was totally out of gas at all Pumps, Marathon had Limited Supply and asked that drivers limit purchase to 10 gallons. 2 other locations in the Elberton area still had fuel but long lines were present. According to State officials more fuel should be on the way.

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