Georgia SAT Scores up

sat-graphicGeorgia students SAT scores are getting better.

The SAT has been redesigned this year so there are actually two different SAT exams.

The new redesign SAT exam has a completely different scoring system.

Georgia students increased their scores in every section of the traditional SAT test in 2016.

On the new SAT test, Georgia students outperformed the national average and ranked 36th in the nation.

A total of 69,922 students in the class of 2016 took the SAT, old or new test at least once.

On the old SAT test, Georgia students improved the score in the critical reading section from 490 to 493, and from 485 to 490 in math, and from 475 to 476 in writing.

Of the students taking the new redesigned SAT test, the average mean score was 976 outscoring the national mean average of 972.

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