Girl writes heartfelt letter to the thief who robbed her family’s home

ABC News(LAKE WORTH, Fla.) -- A young girl wrote a heartfelt letter to the thief who ransacked her family's home in Florida.

Just days after 8-year-old Wendy Chay Son and her parents moved into a new house in Lake Worth last month, the home was burglarized. Someone stole the family's jewelry, clothing and a tablet.

Wendy's mother said she was taking her daughter to school and her husband was at work at the time.

"When I come back, I saw the door open and I was scared," Alberthina Son told ABC affiliate WPBF-TV, adding that they called police.

Wendy decided to write a letter to the robber and taped it to the window next to the front door of their home, hoping the thief would see her message if they ever returned.

"This is for the robbers," Wendy's letter reads in part. "Please do not steal in this house. There are good kids and people in this house. We are people who do not steal. We are sad that you have been stealing in this house.

"My dad is working so hard and you are not. You are just stealing stuff. Tell me why you are stealing and I will help you be a good person," the letter continues. "I hope you will have a better life."

Wendy said she hoped the thief will read her words and change their mind about stealing.

"I wrote that letter so they could change and don't steal in anybody's house," Wendy told WPBF-TV.

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