Great Promise Partnership Gears up to Start in Elbert County

Pictured Left to Right: Hilda Garrison and Christy Duncan of Great Promise Partnership, Photo Scott Smith WSGC

by Scott Smith

Great Promise Partnership held an informational meeting at the Elbert County Campus of Athens Technical College on Wednesday afternoon with local political and business leaders to formally start the program for students in Elbert County.

In Georgia, one in three high school students will not graduate—often due to factors outside of their control, such as poverty or inadequate housing. Currently 1.3 million Georgians over the age of 18 don’t have high school diplomas and are not adequately prepared for the workplace.

Hilda Garrison, Regional coordinator with Great Promise Partnership spoke to the group about the positive attributes of the program to help students and businesses in Elbert County.

In Georgia Promise Partnership workplace, students hold entry-level positions with real deliverables and expectations. Here, they learn important workplace skills, such as communication, job performance, goal-setting and decision making while not only receiving a paycheck but additional support through mentoring, tutoring and career coaching.
Georgia Promise Partnership WorkPrep combines proven positive youth development factors into an innovative initiative that gives at-risk students a reason to stay in school, prepare for a career and contribute to their communities. Students in WorkPrep attend regular life skill sessions, explore college and career opportunities, and prepare for their future education and employment.

This has a tremendous impact on the economic well-being of Georgia’s youth and communities alike. Bringing together public and private partnerships, mentors and positive workplaces, Great Promise Partnership is giving at-risk students a reason to stay in school and succeed. Currently the State of Georgia Graduation rate of 79.2 percent, Elbert County’s graduation rate is 82.8 percent.

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