Madison County High school officials received a tip that a student may be in possession of a firearm on school grounds on Wednesday. School resource officers, and high school personnel, confronted this student and conducted a search. A handgun was found in this student’s possession.

The student was interviewed, and was taken into custody. Due to the student being a juvenile, and the matter still being under investigation, the sheriff’s office, and the school, is limited as to what can be released at this time.

At no time did the student threaten any other student. This student was not involved in the incident from earlier this week.

As part of our investigation into this matter, the school requested the assistance of the UGA Police Department K9 Unit. UGA Police has explosive detection dogs as part of their staff and resources. These dogs were brought in to help clear the building of any other possible firearms by attempting to locate the odor of gunpowder residue. They were not there to detect an explosive device. No other firearms were found during the sweep.

During this incident, and completely unrelated, a helicopter flew overhead of the school. This helicopter was a military helicopter assigned to the Aviation Unit in Winder and was flying as part of their normal and routine training. The helicopter was NOT involved in this incident, and was not requested by law enforcement.

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